Monday, June 3, 2013

Sew, this is what I do

Okay the title on this post in a bit misleading...because I obviously haven't sewed all of these things, I did however, create them with my own two hands. :) Up top here is a pic of me with my hot-pink dyed Levi's, these turned out so cute! I bought a pair of white jeans on clearance for like $7 and utilized a box of Rit dye in hot pink and dyed them with a lot of boiling hot water and a big metal bowl on my counter top. Super easy and you gotta love the result! :)

This next project was super fun to make! I have a friend with a little girl who was turning 3 and LOVES Curious George. I also found out that she needed a toy box and thought I would combine the two. I picked up a second-hand toy box and spray-painted it turquoise (the same color as a vintage Curious George story book). I then Googled a cute Curious George image and sketched it free-hand to the top of the lid. I colored in the image with some acrylic paint and used a black sharpie to outline the details and spayed it with a clear lacquer. I can't believe how cute it turned out! Very appropriate for a "Curious" little girl! :)

I also learned how to make felt flowers, which is super easy and pretty too! I attached one to my second-hand Down East sweater that had a couple of small holes in it and I made a hair clip or two for my daughter. I also made one for...
A sweet little dress for my youngest niece. She turned 3 in April and told me specifically that her favorite color was "lellow". :) This dress was made from a yellow tank top and the now found chambray
(click here for the rest of the chambray dresses for my nieces). I cut off the bottom of the tank top and made a skirt out of the chambray. All of the dresses I made this year featured belts and for this dress I made the belt from a little polka-dot grosgrain ribbon and made another felt flower for it. I didn't hem the skirt because the selvage was neat I wanted to keep it. Such a cute little dress! :)

 I had a coworker leaving on a L.D.S. mission and wanted to give him an appropriate present. This was a hard back journal that I picked up for cheap several years ago. I wrapped the cover with some denim making sure the seam ran along the spine and sewed a little pocket for the front. I used some spray glue (good stuff BTW) to stick the denim on and recycled a couple of pieces of cardboard with a great denim motif for the inside covers. I thought this turned out so great and was a fantastic memento. :)

 I still love felt (can you tell?) and this pillow was made for my Mommy for Mother's Day! These are colors I knew she'd love and I love, love the natural tree motif. I Googled a pine tree silhouette image and cut it out on paper. I used it a pattern and traced it onto 3 colors of felt and cut them out. Using a little Aileen's quick dry tacky glue I glued two trees to the background and let them dry. I carefully sewed around the outline on each tree and layered and glued the third tree on top. After it dried I carefully sewed around the outline of the third tree. I sewed on a brown and green border and a meadow print for the back. A little polyester fiberfill and voila, pillow! :) It turned out great and my Mommy loved it. Of course she texted me a picture of one of her dogs laying on it, so at least I know it's getting some use! lol

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Cara said...

All so very cute! I love the pants and I now I want to learn how to make felt flowers too. Someday when the baby sleeps I will. :)